Ask These Questions before You Buy an Online Recruitment Software

It is important to choose the right online recruitment software in case if you are opening a recruitment agency. It is a little stressful task as because the wrong decision could make the organization cost a lot of money.

If you look around, you will see that all HR wants risk-free and best recruitment software into their business that will integrate easily with their existing technology. Here are some of the essential things and risks that HR’s want to avoid with the implementation of the hiring software –

  • A type of straight investment in the form of setup or implementation cost
  • A kind of long-term contacts
  • Wants a slow to respond
  • They want to avoid closed architecture that stops from talking to the rest of the tech ecosystem
  • They need a self-maintaining architecture
  • Want to avoid the confusion between out slick and staged demos and try before your buy software

So every HR who are trying to purchase an online recruitment software must themselves these few question before making the right investment –

Is it having an open or a closed architecture?

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Question on software architecture is one of the important questions that HR must raise while buying hiring software. Well, this will help you to integrate other technical tools under single software. Such as, it should allow you to merge and integrate onboarding, payroll, and the careers on the page of your website.

It is important to ask if the hiring software is having a great support

Do you know that online recruitment software with a bad support is going to cripple your internal recruitment team from fulfilling their objectives as well as KPIs? Do make sure that you understand the support level and the turnaround time for various support issues? Especially for those with global suppliers and those who have overseas support call centers.

Is there any upfront investment required?

You will find that in general a cloud-based system have a low or no set up cost, but may not be always. Thus, you need to be vigilant while you estimate the total investment, although you should be capable enough to find a product that comes with zero upfront investment.

Does your online recruitment software have free job-boards?

The online recruitment software you invest to buy should ideally come with have online job posting capability where not only it will facilitate posting job requirement to career page on the website but also to various job boards. The best recruitment software comes with multi-posting abilities that should seamlessly integrate with a multi-posting product that can act as the gateway to the online job sites as well.

See if they come with lock-in contracts

Check for the cloud-based products that come with no or very short contractual commitment. Well, this is one of the last things that HRs will like enquiring when talked about hiring software. You would not be happy if there is 2 years to go on your contract.

Make sure that you are able to find a supplier, who are a fun to deal with and helps you get the best recruitment software for your recruitment agency.

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