Amazon Launched a Smart Door Lock System for Its Customers

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Amazon has unveiled a new surprise for their customers. The company will be offering a gadget, a smart lock system – where if the customer is not available at home, they can receive the delivery of goods purchased.  It will allow the delivery staff directly to send goods to the customer’s house.

Amazon Key is a free, exclusive service for Amazon Prime members, which includes cloud-cloud and third-party vendor-compatible Smart Door Locks and cameras to connect and collaborate with Zigbee agreements.

The company came up with this idea after the launch of a similar device and service by its competitor Walmart. Amazon on Wednesday announced the launch of the Amazon smart door lock system.

The Amazon smart door lock system will function as below:

  1. When consumers shop on the Amazon website, they will select the delivery option for in-home, including address, delivery time, and so on.
  2. The dispenser scans the barcode after a predetermined time arrives. Then, a call will be placed to the Amazon Cloud server.
  3. Once licensed, the Amazon cloud camera will start the video at the consumer’s home.
  4. With the ongoing process, the shipper presses the mobile app that appears as a dialog box, and the smart door lock will open.
  5. After the courier opens the door, puts down the goods, locks the door, and finally clicks the completed prompt dialog box.
  6. Consumers will be informed of the store’s arrival at the door, and the Amazon cloud camera to record the delivery process of the video clips.

The consumer has the option to watch the clip at per convenience. Amazon has one more thing to add: it offers insurance to prevent the product from being delivered or damaged in the process.

Amazon key not only performs the task related to online shopping but at the same time, it can also get authorized home cleaning companies to clean house – when consumers are not there. 

Amazon key is expected to be launched on November 8 in the United States, with 37 cities on the line. The company will be adding up this service to more cities in the future. The Amazon smart lock is compatible with Amazon’s cloud cameras, including Yalo and Kwikset. Amazon cloud camera with 1080p Full HD picture quality, night vision, and two-way voice function. The current price of the Amazon smart lock system is $119.99. On the contrary, the Amazon Key In-Home suite, which includes a camera and smart door lock, takes off at $ 249.99.

Thus, finally, it would not be a false statement that consumers are becoming more tech aware, and so are the tech producers. We hope for the launch of some more similar smart devices in the future. For more of such interesting tech news – stay tuned with us!

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