A new version of Android Wearable is launching today with some unique additional features. From now the user will not require OTA updates to add new features to their Android Wear as Google will add new features via the Android Wear app. The new version of the Wearable app v2.8 arises with notable changes.

It is probably expected that notifications will have less unused space when you read them. The background is dark black in color which has not only enhanced the readability but also it may improve the battery life a bit on OLED watches.The Android Wear v2.8 App update further comes with improved notification glanceability and a new layout which displays more of your messages at a glance.

This the best opportunity to own this Android wearable. More details regarding this unique Android Wear are yet to be disclosed. We promise you to come up with best tech news from most reliable sources. Stay tuned for more.