Smartwatch to Fitness bands the tech market is being upgraded frequently with the introduction of more unique devices. Leading the race in this smart world. Apple has proposed for Apple Watch update while promoting third-party apps like Slopes, snoww, Squaw Alpine, Snocru and Ski Tracks.

Apple Watch Update

Apple Watch Series 3 update has the new built-in altimeter to determine elevation which is required to track snowboard and skiing. The third-party apps will determine the metrics like vertical descent, distance, a number of runs, average speed, and calories burned. This update was made available to users on Wednesday which will be applied to Apple Watch Series 3 models running WatchOS 4.2 and other upcoming versions.


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With the help of this featured app, you can determine your calorie burn, run count, and speed while using a combination of the altimeter elevation readings, accelerometer, and GPS integrated into the latest Apple Watch models. The new API’s by Apple provides the underlying data with the algorithms which are specially optimized for snow sports.

With this user can know how much time was spent on the lift compared to the actual downhill trail. Reports also state that the users will also be able to send active calorie measurements to Activity app and get credit towards filling their rings with another workout. The apps like Slopes and snoww also support SiriKit where you can do your snowboard and skiing workout with by using your voice.

Via: 9to5Mac