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Uber will spend €20 million to develop flying taxi tech center in Paris

May 24, 2018, 11:15 am

Where the automotive market was hot with the news of self-driving cars, Uber came forward with something which was out of the box. Uber has been updating its technology for providing a safe and a happy ride to its users. To expand the level of operation to the next level it recently came forward with the idea of building a flying taxi center in Paris.

The company is investing €20 million ($23.4 million) on this futuristic project which they expect to complete in five years. Uber will be developing the AI algorithms, air traffic controls and the technology required for the service. The company will be recruiting a staff of engineers, AI specialists, and computer vision researchers.

Initial projects will include: machine learning-based transport demand modeling, high-density low-altitude air traffic management simulations, integration of innovative airspace transport solutions with European aviation regulators such as EASA, and the development of smart grids to support future fleets of electric transport on the ground and in the air. – Uber

Google and Facebook recently committed to expanding their level of operations in AI-based technology in France. France is now coming up as a country which produces a lot of AI graduates. Under President Emmanuel Macron France is becoming a hub for machine learning research.

With all the positive aspects Uber wants to lead this project in France, but it will not be an easy task. According to all the recent news reports, Uber has been criticized for serious issues like sexual harassment cases and violent taxi strikes in 2015. The company is thus still facing a hard time to cover up the same.

The most important issue which with this project is the never-done-before idea of the flying cars. The reason behind this development of Uber included technology, cost of investment, logistics, and regulations. This all issues make this project immensely challenging.

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