The line of virtual assistants from the house of Amazon, Alexa shall find its way to the Xbox platforms soon. Microsoft is releasing a software that shall enable the use of the Alexa devices like Echo, Sonos and others with the Xbox, the test is first performed on the Xbox One according to the sources. Several functions like powering the device on, launching games, volume controlling, taking screenshots, starting broadcasts among others can now be performed only by your voice via Alexa.

Albert Penello, who previously worked with Amazon had joined Microsoft earlier this year to extend the presence of Alexa and Echo to the gaming consoles like Xbox One. Preview of this feature of integration with Microsoft devices is available both on Alexa and Cortana.

This comes handy after the company stopped the manufacturing of Kinect that exactly did most of these using voice commands. Moreover, rumors go in the line that Microsoft may provide provisions for connecting Google Assistant to the Xbox and these seem logical given Microsoft is aiming at bettering the user experience and making things easier and efficient for them. Hence we might expect better voice-controlled assistants with further developments.