In the latest move, Huawei has unveiled Kunpeng 920, the highest performance ARM-based CPU yet, which has been tailor-made to encourage the boost of big data computing and distributed storage, besides performing the various tasks associated with ARM. Huawei is maintaining an open and collaborative stance to encourage an open ecosystem in the industry for the advancement of the ARM-industry and is all too ready to come together with the big players in the said industry for the sole purpose of achieving new heights in the field of computing.

William Xu, Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei, has commented, “Huawei has continuously innovated in the computing domain in order to create customer value. We believe that, with the advent of intelligent society, the computing market will see continuous growth in the future. Currently, the diversity of applications and data is driving heterogeneous computing requirements. Huawei has long partnered with Intel to make great achievements. Together we have contributed to the development of the ICT industry. Huawei and Intel will continue our long-term strategic partnerships and continue to innovate together.

At the same time, the ARM industry is seeing a new development opportunity. The Kunpeng 920 CPU and TaiShan servers newly released by Huawei are primarily used in big data, distributed storage, and ARM-native applications. We will work with global partners in the spirit of openness, collaboration, and shared success to drive the development of the ARM ecosystem and expand the computing space, and embrace a diversified computing era.”

Based on ARMv8 architecture license, Kunpeng 920 is the highest-performance ARM-based server CPU independently designed by Huawei using the latest 7nm process. Its optimization of branch prediction algorithms, increase in the number of OP units, and improved memory subsystem architecture allowing Kunpeng 920 to enhance processor performance greatly. Even when upholding a standard performance, Kunpeng 920 has received a whopping 930 in the SPECint Benchmarks test, which surpasses the industry benchmark by 25%. At the same time, Kunpeng 920’s higher level of efficiency in performance is complemented by a power efficiency which is 30% higher than that provided by its counterparts.

Kunpeng 920 integrates 64 cores at a frequency of 2.6 GHz while integrating 8-channel DDR4. Its memory bandwidth exceeds incumbent offerings by 46%. The two 100G RoCE ports that the chipset has been equipped with greatly enhances its system integrations. It also has support for PCIe 4.0 and CCIX interfaces and can accommodate a provision of 640 Gbps total bandwidth. Finally, its single-slot speed being twice that of the incumbent offering, the performance of storage and miscellaneous accelerators of Kunpeng 920 is greatly improved.

Not only has Huawei unveiled its latest chipset, but it has also unveiled three new TaiShan servers that have been equipped with the high-performance chipset. Each of the three servers has focused on different areas. While one of the servers has focused on storage, the second has turned its focus to high density, while the third has attempted to combine both. Amplifying the productive capabilities of Kunpeng 920, the TaiShan servers low power consumption for enterprises. For example, in big data scenarios, the TaiShan servers have been tuned for optimal many-core high concurrency and resource scheduling, which allows it to enhance computing performance by 20%. Finally, the TaiShan servers help Huawei Cloud to provide services like elastic cloud, bare metal, and cloud phone.

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