Outriders was unveiled a few days ago by Square Enix itself, ahead of its E3 2019 conference. But, aside from a very brief teaser in which we saw a woman wake up from a cryostat camera (or hibernation) in what could be a spaceship, little or nothing could be extracted. At least, until today. And now we already know the details of Outriders, the new People Can Fly game.

The Square Enix conference of E3 2019 has allowed us to know new details about Outriders. People Can Fly creators has gone from being a small team to having several hundred developers distributed by studios all over the world.

There will be many weapons and different ”powers” that will allow us to face with guarantees to enemies that seem the wildest, in addition, to surpass us in size, according to what was seen in this first video.

This is the study of game creators such as Gears of War Judgment and Bulletstorm, and they claim that this is the most ambitious project to date. It will be a cooperative shooter set on a planet quite far from Earth, here’s the first Outriders trailer:

In addition, it seems that it will keep a certain similarity with Borderlands, since its creators ensure that we can enter and leave the games very easily. Although the “playful” tone of the Gearbox title will be changed to something much wilder (the hallmark of People Can Fly, on the other hand).

The launch of Outriders will be in the summer of 2020 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and there is a desire to see what they are capable of in this study with more developers than ever. It is a specialized studio in shooters, especially in the first person, and the scale of the project is very promising. In an official description, it was explained that Outriders is a drop-in, drop-out cooperative shooter set in an original, dark and wild science fiction universe.