Samsung Gear Home and Back buttons stop working, complains the users

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In a recent glitch that had taken the Samsung Community users by storm, the Home button in the Samsung Gear S3 Watch seems to stop working for most of the users. If the Home and the back button are pressed simultaneously for a brief time, only then it starts working.

What works for most is holding the Home button long enough for the Gear to go rebooted, at the same time keeping the display timeout setting to the factory value. Recent theories on the problems look at it from an angle of software or firmware glitch.

When the Home button needs to work in the sleeping mode of the Watch to wake it up, it rarely does and even if the Home button doesn’t seem to work, a press on the Home button from anywhere in the screen while the watch is in use puts it back to the clock face.

The Watch’s shelf life is dependent hugely on the physical buttons in the Watch which are apparently very sophisticated and thus the minimal usage of the same, as well as the rotating bezel, is recommended by tech – experts.

The problem with the Home Screen could have also surfaced from the running of other background apps that might have resulted in the usage of the Home Screen presses or messing up with the interface of the Operating System.

It has been suggested that an interface must be added to the phone app of Samsung so that one can use to change the Home and Back buttons according to the context of the apps in use or the Operating System. The problem could be with the soldering of the 4 capacitors that are connected to the buttons and fixing that might fix the actual issue. Till then, tap to wake on the Gear screen seems like a better option, as far as saving the Home Button from playing its own game can be stopped.

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