LG files for a new patent for ‘rollable’ displays for laptops

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After the foldable displays that shocked the world, now comes a new concept in the same field, but with a different design. Samsung championed the tech of manufacturing foldable displays for its smartphones, now the next hyped big thing appears to be rollable displays for a smartphone.

In this entirely new field of concept, companies like Oppo and TCL have already shown related concept devices. The rollable display devices could surpass the foldable screens in smartphones.

Very recently, LG launched a roll-screen TV that starts at the price of a whopping $60,000 and which falls on LG’s high-end Signature series. Reportedly, the same company has filed for the patent name of “Rollable”. Apparently, this new concept of screens will be utilized by LG sometime next year with the Slide-out scrolling screen smartphone.

With the filing of the patent, LG has started speculation amidst the tech world that LG just might have tapped into the ‘future of the laptops’ concept.

The tech industry is always trying to come up with new technologies and design ideas that will revolutionize the way consumers experience devices. LG might have taken a big step towards achieving the desired futuristic goal.

lg rollable display
Image source: RootMyGalaxy

LG’s latest patent entitled “portable electronic device may scroll structure”, describes a new laptop which includes a 17-inch screen; the display of the laptop could be pulled out, like a projector screen, or retracted.

The display can even be expanded to any size from 13.3-inches to 17-inches. The keyboard is connected to the main machine through the interface at the reel, and the mouse needs to be connected to the keyboard interface.

The laptop when it is unfolded looks very similar to any common soundbar, with a power button on the right side of the device.

Applying for a patent does not guarantee that it will go into mass-production, but the whole concept seems very interesting anyway.

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