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Eight business benefits and cost breakdown of iPhone app development

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How can you reach out to over 700 million people at once? Well, an iPhone app with user-friendly features and pleasant experience can help you achieve this goal! You can certainly think of the impact it can exert on your business. Probably, this is the reason why enterprises tend to come up with customized iPhone apps globally.

With the advent of new iOS versions and iPhones every year, the iPhone app development services also evolve to assist companies to meet the ever-changing business needs and growing competition. As the iPhones have gained ground across the world, you can use enterprise iPhone apps to take your business to the next level.

Let us discuss how an iPhone app with the necessary features can benefit your business and what it costs.

Key Benefits of iPhone App Development

1. Better User Experience (UX)

The iPhone is full of innovative features. Apple takes pride in providing an excellent user experience through this device. While matching the high standards set by the App Store, your iPhone app also becomes capable of providing excellent UX. The iPhone app developers focus on the quality and performance of the app and as a result, you can provide a pleasant experience to the app users.

2. Improved Branding

Do you know that an iPhone app can significantly increase the visibility of your business? What’s more, you can attract and retain the existing customers with ease through an app that results in building a loyal customer base. In a way, we can say that once your app gets a place in the iPhone’s interface, it strengthens your branding efforts and enhances the value proposition.

3. Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Data management remains the biggest headache for corporates. Entrepreneurs always remain concerned about the security of crucial data. When it comes to sharing and accessing the data, the process needs the utmost security. Here an iPhone application development lends a helping hand with built-in features like integrated data handling system, data encryption, and measures to prevent the data duplication.

4. Increased Scalability

The enterprise mobile apps need to be scalable to meet the ever-changing business needs. When you bring an iPhone app, you ensure that your company can match the requirements of customers and employees alike in the future. The iPhone app’s flexibility and scalability can also enable you to integrate advanced features in the future to stay firm in intensifying competition.

5. Niche Audience

A survey has suggested that as compared to Android phone users, the iPhone users are more affluent and they can willingly spend bucks to get the premium features of iPhone apps. If you come up with an interesting and engaging iPhone app, chances are bright that your app becomes popular among such users and you can readily target a niche audience.

6. International Presence

Today, the presence of iPhones is not restricted to the US and Europe. With a tailored iPhone app, you can make your presence felt global and it directly benefits your business. When it comes to expanding your business using the mighty mobile platform, iPhone app development offers you a great opportunity, and you can stay ahead of the curve with ease.

7. High ROI

An iPhone app is one of the best tools to generate revenue and increase the RoI (Return on Investment). You can utilize in-app purchases and other app monetization techniques to garner additional income. What’s more, your business iPhone app can act as a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool to reach a large targeted audience.

8. Secured Transactions

One of the key reasons why entrepreneurs prefer iPhone apps for their business is it facilitates the users to transact safely. The iPhone app development can provide a secure environment for the online transaction as the iPhone app offers encrypted transactions that are completely free from threats like hacking, phishing, and the like.

Secure Transaction

We have mentioned just a handful of benefits here. When you hire an iPhone app development company, you can avail all the benefits of a tailored iPhone app and boost your sales with ease.

iPhone App Development Cost- Every Aspect Revealed

Do you know that a business iPhone app is cheaper than its Android counterpart and it can be built quickly? It is because the Android app requires lengthy and extensive testing.

Before discussing the cost of a business iPhone app, let us go through the steps of the iPhone app development process:

1. Conceptualization:  After identifying the type as per your business model and objectives, you can focus on developing the app idea and making a list of requirements. You can also consult employees, stakeholders, and customers before preparing the list.

2. Design: Your idea then converts into the wireframe. When you hire iPhone app developers, they can make a wireframe to show the look and feel of your app. After seeing the wireframe, you can give suggestions to improve it to make your app more usable.

3. Development: Backend and frontend development and other phases are covered in the development stage. It involves data integration and synchronization, UI design, and the like along with testing for app’s quality.

4. Deployment: After passing through the quality check, your business app is ready to launch on the app store. However, the iPhone app development company has to take care of many aspects to avoid rejection from the App Store.

After having a brief on the development process, it’s time to explain the factors that determine the cost of your iPhone app.

Factors Affecting Cost of Enterprise iPhone App

There are two major factors can affect the cost of your iPhone app:

1. Complexity

The complexity of your business app plays a vital role in deciding the cost. Though it is directly proportional to the duration, we can include many aspects like legal permissions and specific integrations in the complexity factor.

Depending on the complexity, you need to hire either a basic team or an extended team of iPhone app developers. The basic team consists of a project manager, a couple of app developers, and a QA engineer. Whereas, the extended team has more developers and a business consultant also.

On an estimate, the simple app with the least complexity can take approximately 800-900 hours, but the complex app can take over 2500 hours depending on the features and integrations. A reliable iPhone app development services provider can give you an exact estimate on the basis of project requirements.

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2. Duration

We will understand the app development duration from the perspective of hourly rates. It is interesting to jot down that the hourly rates are different across the world. The US and Canada-based iPhone app developers take the highest rate of over $160 an hour, but the Indian app developers charge just between $25-$40 an hour.

As your business app takes over 1000 hours, the variation in the hourly rate can impact a lot in the iPhone app development cost. Therefore, it is advisable to get the obligation-free quotes from shortlisted iPhone app developers and compare their prices before choosing the right one for your project.

Considering all the major aspects that influence the cost of your business iPhone app we can give the approximate price for the simple app between $3000 to $5000 and over $40000 for a complex app. It is better to discuss all the cost-related aspects before assigning your app project to the iPhone app developer.

Here we give some additional features that can increase the iPhone app development cost further:

1. In-app purchase- Between $2000 to $4000 (It opens the doors of generating revenue from your app)
Social media integration- Between $1000 to $2000 (It enables the app users to spread a word about your services, products, and app)

2. SDK integration- Between $100 to $200 (It enables you to analyze the app and find ways to monetize it- Google Analytics is an example of SDK)

3. Web services integration- Between $1500 to $5000 (It enables you to update the app through XML files without changing the code)

A mobile app development company can give you better guidance regarding these and other necessary features.

Apart from these features and functionality, you need to keep some amount aside for app maintenance and support. It can keep your app updated and the app users can get a seamless performance for a long time. Also, you should consider spending some bucks on ASO (App Store Optimization) and app promotion efforts because your business app needs initial downloads to stay strong amid competition.

Just like other products, an iPhone app is a product that can help your business expand across the continents. But, you need to invest in building a robust app that can meet the expectations of your customers. It can give you a substantial return over the period.

It’s a Wrap

In a nutshell, a feature-rich iPhone app can simplify your business operations and give an opportunity to address a huge iPhone-using audience. From business optimization to the promotion, an iPhone app serves many objectives and gives your enterprise an edge over peers. All you need is enterprise-grade iPhone app development services.

We have gained fame as a reliable iPhone app development company for serving global corporate clients with high-quality iPhone apps. Our team of iPhone app developers is well-versed in using the cutting-edge tools to build apps that can seamlessly run across the latest iOS version and iPhone devices.

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