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How to delete temporary files windows and recover a deleted files

Temporary files are generated in the OS and regularly running applications. Most of them have .tmp file extension or marked with a special sign (~). For some time they are stored in the Temp folder. Such files are generated because of the increased requirements for the OS. In particular, you need a place for virtual […]

Apple to increase the App Store download limit of Apps and Games to 200 MB

A few days before the start of WWDC 2019, Apple has decided to increase in the App Store the download limit for applications and games through the data network. This will now allow us to download much larger applications without the need to connect to a WiFi network. Up to now, Apple imposed a 150 […]

How to prevent big data from breachers

The seriousness of data breaches has crumbled some businesses permanently, while some are barely surviving. Still, the security level of data is not being taken as seriously as it should by all business owners. The challenge is ever with small business owners that feel they do not have value enough that breachers can be after. […]

Why premium VPN services take your browsing a step above?

Everything comes at a price. Cliched but undeniably true. How does that fit in the context? Think about all the fun you’re having whilst you’re torrenting with a free VPN thinking that your VPN client loves you and your activity is absolutely private. On the other hand, there’s another person doing one thing different than […]

Cloud migration: 4 questions to pose before moving

It’s become a buzzword of tech over the last few years and to many, it’s for a very good reason. However, cloud systems aren’t necessarily something that is going to be suitable for each and every business out there. Sure, it’s becoming more mainstream, but there are a whole host of questions to consider before […]

How to maintain good quality data with regular data cleansing

Data cleansing is something that every business owner needs to focus on. It needs to become a part of the daily and routine at work because without regular data cleansing it is going to be impossible to maintain good quality data that is important for the growth of the business. The process of data cleansing […]

5 Essential steps to analyze your data

The Internet is full of useful information many of us can use to determine our future professional goals, identify weak spots and virtues, or plan a marketing strategy. Even more than that, with the amount of information that gets imported into the online community on a daily basis, one can achieve almost anything, if the […]