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Best tips to use finance apps to your benefit

Personal finance apps like YouNeedABudget or Mint helps spendthrifts to take stock of their spending habits. Then, some of these apps are also prone to security threats because they have financial and bank details. It includes your bank information, card details, and things like that. It means that you should use such apps carefully and […]

10 Reasons to download Avast antivirus

Avast antivirus is one of the most popular security tools out there. However, as it always happens with popular tools, there are certain concerns. Is the protection reliable enough? Does technical support team have time to handle all concerns? Is the tool worth it or is it a mainstream trend? We analyzed Avast’s functionality, interface, […]

8 Best antivirus software for iPhones

Our lives have become completely dependent on technology. All our information is stored in our devices on which we rely on as we go around our day to day activities. However, our devices are not safe. While the mobile operating system has much more reliable security than most other OSs, even they aren’t completely immune […]

Google working on a tech to store digital version of your license on smartphone

Well, in this tech prompting generation, soon you’ll be able to load a secure version of your driver’s license onto your mobile device. A future version of Android could allow you to carry a digital version of your IDs, such as a driver’s license or another standardized identity credential. Google is apparently working on a […]

A secure alternative to PDF password protection

Think of protecting PDF files and using passwords automatically springs to mind. Passwords are convenient to use, and password protection is included in all PDF creation software. However, using passwords to protect PDF files is not secure – they can be shared with others and also easily removed by freely available PDF password recovery software. […]

Is HTTPS Always Necessary? Things you should know

The internet changed the world in ways that were unimaginable a few centuries ago. Today, you can send information instantaneously. You can do it from your location to someone who is on a remote island thousands of miles away. You only need four things to send this information. One of them is a device that […]

3 Lessons learned from the Goldman Sachs 1MDB scandal

The impact of the 1MDB scandal has been crippling for Goldman Sachs, and its ripples have affected both its status as well as its stock price. As the dust has cleared the role that the investment bank played in enabling the looting of billions of dollars from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) has been put in […]

Google’s Jigsaw introduces Intra to prevent DNS manipulation attacks and busting censorship

While visiting a website, the web address gets converted to an IP address, and in case of an unsecured connection oppressive governments can intercept web addresses requests and prevent the sites from loading or even redirect to a fake site. Google Intra app is the newest app introduced by Jigsaw, the cyber division owned by Google’s […]

Facebook security cracked by hackers, affecting 50 million accounts

The social networking company; Facebook said on Friday, that it has discovered a security flaw affecting about 50 million user accounts which could have allowed attackers to take over those accounts. The company has more than 2 million users and since claims to fix the vulnerability and inform the law enforcement. The attackers exploited a […]

Microsoft adds new enterprise capabilities and information protection for Outlook mobile

The Outlook mobile was introduced as an on the go email app that is user-friendly and having enterprise-grade security to it. After its launch, almost three years later, Microsoft has decided to add more advanced security functions with the Microsoft Information Protection native labeling and also an enhanced device management feature on the phone. The […]

Top 3 ways to grow PDF security

PDF is the world’s most beloved file format for sharing and archiving documents. It’s compact, universal and the content of PDF can be secured in more than one way. If you use the right software with robust PDF security options, that is. A good contender we’re taking for a spin today is Able2Extract Professional. Read […]

Apple removes utility app Adware Doctor with malicious intentions that stole browser history

Apple took down one of the top paid apps in the Mac App Store that was stealing browser history from its users and sending it to servers appears to be based in China. The app, Adware Doctor, removes malicious files and malware from Mac. Moreover, Patrick Wardle security researcher found that the app was also […]