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Call of Duty Mobile game arriving October 1 to rival PUBG Mobile

The mobile release date for the Call of Duty is finally confirmed. The official page has announced that the stable version of the Call of Duty Mobile game will be live from October 1 for Android and iOS. The game is developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio and will be free-to-play for everyone. Earlier, Tencent Games […]

Finally! PUBG Survival Mastery coming to PC servers this September

PUBG’s Survival Mastery is finally coming to PC test servers tomorrow and to main servers launch on September 24, according to the developers. The Survival Mastery was announced back in June with PUBG’s Development Update. After the wait of almost three months, the Survival Mastery is finally coming to the PC. PUBG Survival Mastery is […]

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Season 9 will begin from Sept 13

This year’s battle royale fever is back. PUBG Mobile is going to introduce the Royale Pass season 9. PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Season 9 is all set to be launched on September 13, 2019, following the end of Season 8 on September 11, 2019. The Season 8 of the Battle Royale is still going on, […]

PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.14.0 update includes bombing zone, new emotes, new outfits

PUBG Mobile Lite is the simplified version of PUBG Mobile. This lighter version is easier to handle on the devices with less RAM because of its small size and  compatibility. It has recently been upgraded to version 0.14.0 which comes with a bunch of surprises for the users. The new upgraded version of the game […]

PUBG Lite to come up with Open Beta including 4V4 mode for PC

PUBG LITE is going to have a new model with the introduction of Open Beta for PC. This new model includes a new map and a new Team Death Match mode with 4v4 and other casual battles. The PUBG Lite has already announced it officially on it’s Facebook page. This Open Lite version will release […]

Xiaomi launches game controller compatible with Redmi K20 and Redmi k20 Pro

Xiaomi has launched the gamepad for Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro a short while ago. The launch has come as a surprize. Earlier, Xiaomi announced its plans to launch the Xiaomi game controller at the China Joy Expo 2019. However, nobody had a clue that the launching will follow the announcement. The smartphone giant […]

New trailer brings some plot to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Finally, we now know who the so-called “PlayerUnknown” is from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds title. In the trailer that anticipates the arrival of the fourth season of Battle Royale, we have a beautiful portion of the plot being added to the title, with the story that motivated the beginning of the intense fighting that in the gaming […]

IAF to release a mobile game featuring the famous Abhinandan Varthaman

PUBG and Fortnite are certainly the most popular game available on the market right now, and this statement is even more true for the Indian market. Both of these games have enjoyed their popularity without having to worry about their rivals. However, they should start worrying now as the Indian Air Force has come up […]

PUBG Season 4 cinematic trailer released; receives skeptic response

PUBG has certainly made its mark on the video gaming world, as the majority of the population, especially the youth of our time got hooked to this game instantly, making the game one of the most popular games of all time. A few weeks ago, PUBG Corp. unveiled a new studio which would work on […]

PUBG is working to ban cheaters and hackers in the game

The team behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is trying hard to eradicate cheats and hacks in their game. PUBG Corporation has just released a video about the details of their work behind the scenes. Quoting, the developers are trying to eradicate cheating in the game, through the way they detect and combat hack that can […]

Fiverr now offers Fortnite and PUBG skill coaches

One of the largest portals dedicated to freelancers opens a Gaming section: in addition to tutors, there are also designers, programmers, and musicians. The growing popularity of the video game world has led to a decided expansion also by portals offering freelance services, which are increasingly devoting themselves to gaming by offering support for the […]

PUBG Mobile Season 8 beta is ready for download and play

PUBG Mobile Season 8 leaks have begun to come online when Tencent propelled beta help on Android and iOS. Indeed, even the main subtleties of PUBG Mobile Season 8 have started to seem on the web, even before the Season 7 end date. As indicated by the most recent reports, the new PUBG Mobile update […]