Game for Peace is the new name of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile

If you’re one of those who gets lost among the multiple versions of PUBG Mobile launched globally, do not worry: you’re not alone. But since Tencent have decided to help us a little in this task since the Chinese version of PUBG for Android has changed its name: Game For Peace is the new title […]

PUBG causing bad influence on youth; enforced to be banned in several countries

One of the most in-demand battle royale game PUBG Mobile has been in the limelight recently for wrong reasons. Several countries have come up calling for a ban on the popular battle Royale game PUBG, calling it a “bad influence on youth.” Recently a South Indian boy committed suicide after his mother scolded him for […]

Vivo to be the title sponsor of PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 to connect with gamers

Vivo, the official smartphone partner of Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation’s eminent mobile game – PUBG MOBILE, has announced its plans to be the title sponsor of the imminent PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019, one of the most popular mobile gaming tournaments in the world. PUBG has over 200 million fans all around the world, […]

5 Facts you need to know about the highly addictive battle game – PUBG

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a survival-based shooting game that has kept people hooked to it for quite some time now. People from various age groups team up to play against one another in solo mode, in teams of two or in teams of four. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just a beginner, […]

Get ready for the PUBG mobile new zombie player mode

PUBG has a large fan base all over the world and recently it seems like everyone is either playing or talking about this game. Just when everyone thought PUBG would not get any more interesting now PUBG might soon allow players to play as a zombie. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds recently partnered with Resident Evil 2 and […]

PUBG parental lock introduced for players under 13 to curb gaming addiction

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, has been facing a lot of backlash from parents and government bodies alike, especially in India and China, after players have been found to get addicted to PUBG Mobile, even being victims of cyberbullying; moreover, PUBG games have also been criticized for advertising immoral conducts such as misogyny, […]

PlayStation adds 20+ games slated to release next week

PlayStation has plans to ‘drop’ by PS players some new games and new seasons, which have been slated to release on March 5 (unless stated otherwise), as per the post on the official PlayStation.Blog dated March 1. The following list states the 22 games to come into PlayStation next week: 1. Crash Dummy: Available on […]

PUBG, Sony teams up for Limited Time Horizon Zero Dawn Outfits on PS4

PUBG and Sony have collaborated yet again to introduce a unique Horizon Zero Dawn outfit option to PS4 for a limited time. Players can now play the game to earn in-game currency and spend them to purchase the limited edition outfit, available on PS4 between 5th March and 5th April 2019, comprising of four parts […]

What new Battle Royale Games need to do to find success

When it comes to the latest hot video game, “Fortnite” and “Player Unknown Battleground” (PUBG) are the ones people are talking about. With over millions of players battling it out every single day, it’s clear that the battle royale genre is going to be incredibly popular for the next few years. Yet, if any developer […]

PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 goes live featuring Zombie mode, Vikendi night map, and more

PUBG Mobile took down its servers for a while yesterday not only for maintenance purposes but also to upload the much-anticipated version update 0.11.0 featuring Zombie Mode. A normal PUBG Erangel map will form the backdrop for the players who will have to fight with numerous zombies and other monsters in a mode called ‘Survive […]

PUBG Mobile now in Beta update; finally adds Zombie mode

The Zombies are finally here! No, of course not in reality. To all PUBGholic people out there – great news,  the wait for the most anticipated update is finally over for PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode has started to roll out. The latest 0.11.0. Beta update adds new Sunset mode and additions you’ve seen in the game recently. The coolest PUBG […]

New subscriptions introduced for Prime and Prime Plus PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile will reportedly get new subscription systems including a PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscription. This would allow players to convert Battle Points (BP) to Unknown Cash (UC), for instance, converting 5000BP for 50UC, which would come in handy while purchasing certain cosmetic items. The cost of the PUBG Mobile Prime subscription is […]