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A beginner’s guide to building a strong brand on social media

Perceptually positioning a brand in the consumer’s mind is a rather hefty task. A negative perception of the brand will lower the sales of the products and services and eventually lose potential and targeted customers. A positive one can change the buying behavior of the individual and make him or her a loyal customer. Hence, […]

Snapchat 3D camera mode better-animated selfies

Snapchat is a great platform for the Millenials to explore their selfie experience at a more advanced level. It seems like Snapchat has something new to offer its users. Today, it announced a 3D camera mode for a better selfie adventure. This is a whole new feature that allows the users to change perspective and […]

Snapchat introduces three Snap games to intrigue users with multiplayer games for Android and iOS

The first three Snap Games have been made available for download on both mobile platforms: Snake Squad, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Bitmoji Party. Something quite similar to Pokemon Go where you can team up with your friends and play together. And just like Facebook games, you invite your friends to play your favorite games. The […]

How to spy on someone’s Snapchat with your cell-phone for free

Snapchat and various other social media platforms are much in use and are the talk of the day by everyone, particularly including teenagers. Snapchat has a “Streak system” through which the photos being uploaded on the snap can be deleted anytime, this purpose is meant for maintenance of privacy so that various details of the […]

Snapchat parental control and how to block porn sites

Importance of Cybersafetrick tool: Today’s many applications are come and go but the standard software is Iskysoft. It is one of the best applications for transfer data’s, backup and restores and everything. It is one of the solutions for all smartphone issues. It is more powerful for data recovery system, it can help you to […]

Snapchat tests Foursquare checks-in

Snapchat tries several methods to get ahead of Instagram, but its latest version is clearly not up to the rival competition and mark. Now a famous code developer, Jane Manchun Wong discovered Snapchat Status, a feature that checks you in Foursquare style on a Snap Map, not only showing where you are but also signaling […]

Snap to launch a gaming platform along with a video initiative next month

Snap Inc, the American technology and camera company, reportedly has schemes of releasing its gaming platform, codenamed ‘Project Cognac,’ to developers in April, as has been reported today by the online news service, Cheddar. Cheddar has claimed that the source of information is a person acquainted with such plans of Snap Inc. Featuring a few […]

Snapchat may make public posts more permanent and onymous

Snapchat is known for its picture ‘stories,’ and now Snap Inc seems to be weighing options for making the public stories more durable and less anonymous. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Snapchat may have been working on feedback received from its news discovery platform partners, including NewsWhip and SAM Desk, which help media companies […]

Snapchat’s dog lenses; special AR filters to frame pup’s face

When it comes about bringing new features, Snapchat is always ahead of the other social media sites. Two months back the popular social media app launched filters for cat called SnapCat, now the company has launched SnapDog, e new feature for the dog lovers. Released on Christmas Eve there are some AR filters for your pups, […]

Be Well Snappy! New scripted shows announced by Snapchat

Snapchat announced on Wednesday a new scripted show which will launch in partnership with Hollywood production company. There is a 52 percent fall in the shows of Snap since the beginning of the year as it has lacked somewhere in attracting new users because of the rivals like Facebook and Instagram, as they share some […]

Facebook Nearby Friends; a Snap-like interface to revive its location-sharing characteristic

Facebook has confirmed that they are working on a redesign of their Nearby Friends feature that was first introduced in 2015 that shows your friends locations on a map, a snap-chat like a feature. In the last few years, we have seen Facebook rip apart Snapchat in a bid to make its service almost as […]

Snapchat is planing to add young voters through its TurboVote function from its app

Snapchat has introduced a new feature by which voters above 18 years of age in the US can perform their voting rights and register themselves in a much quicker way through the app’s TurboVote option. From today, Snapchat will provide its adult users with a link in the user profile for the registration procedure. This […]