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Best movie streaming apps of 2019

Where cable subscriptions once reigned supreme and movies were watched on video or DVD, now the internet has taken over. Now we can stream movies, shows, documentaries, pretty much like anything we want to watch, on any mobile device or desktop computer, even on smart TV’s, at a fraction of the cost of cable. But […]

6 Effective ways to secure your Windows Server or VPS

Every Windows Server or Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) is vulnerable to attack, especially if it’s connected to the internet. Whereas it isn’t possible to make your server 100 percent secure, you can reduce the likelihood of a successful attack by applying a number of simple practical security controls. It can be difficult to know […]

4 Reasons you should always build your first mobile app for iOS users

Creating an app for your business is a great way to connect with your audience. Since more and more consumers are using mobile phones as their main connection to the world, it only makes sense to create mobile apps and mobile sites to accommodate this trend. Mobile apps can help create customer loyalty, increase convenience […]

How to download TopStore app on iOS 13

Jailbreaks are not in good supply right now, at least not the type of jailbreaks we got used to using. Now, most are semi-untethered and only work on a certain subset of devices, leaving a lot of people without a way of downloading their tweaks, modified content. Thanks to a few developers, we now have […]

Is the Infant Optics DXR-8 video monitor the best you can get?

Parents often worry about their little bundle of joy. You want to make sure you are always there for your little one and have them under your protective gaze at all times. Though that can be difficult to achieve, it is doable thanks to baby monitors.  Baby monitors may seem like they were invented somewhat […]

How to catch cheating spouse with a spy app

You can catch a cheating spouse easily. Some of the ways people rely on include using a private investigator or contacting a psychic. Nonetheless, the above methods are expensive. You will have to hire these individuals to do all the work for you, and if you have a tight budget, then you may struggle. However, […]

The 5 biggest eSports titles In 2019 by total prize pool

eSports is growing with each passing year. There are now more leagues, tournaments, and matches being played on more game titles than ever before. That wouldn’t be possible without the vast increases in the industry’s revenue. The global eSports industry will surpass $1 billion in 2019 for the first time. That increased cash flow is […]

Apple issues a silent Mac update to fix Zoom webcam exploit

Apple issued a silent update for Mac to fix Zoom scrambling that had let intruders hijack Mac webcams. As per TechCrunch, Apple has pushed an automatic update to remove the vulnerable component that the web server used to streamline access to the video conferencing app; Zoom while installing it. The update is not that indispensable […]

5 reasons why businesses should invest in cybersecurity in 2019

It is the 21stcentury, and life without internet is unimaginable. Social media has infiltrated all our households, and almost every second person has a cellphone. This virtual life has become as important as, if not more than real life. Needless to say, businessmen and businesswomen have capitalized on this raging internet obsession to not just advertise […]

Advantages of using Bitcoin online

The online, mobile and social age is about one thing at its very core; versatility. You can’t be everywhere at once physically, but with evolving technology in every facet of life, you can at least have your digital imprint wherever it’s needed. Keeping in touch with family, conducting business, purchasing all forms of entertainment and […]

3 Tips for a local moving business to position as an authority through blogging

Moving to a new home or relocating from one business premise to another can be a daunting process. Worse still is the fact that most movers aren’t skilled enough to handle the moving needs of their customers.  Try finding a local moving business that’s an authority in its niche and you’ll be shocked finding a […]

Gaming Earbuds: Why modern gamers need it?

Gaming earbuds, also known as gaming earphones, are tiny in-ear headphones that fit into the outer ear canal for immersive audio. They’re built to provide gamers with a convenient and portable option without the need for bulky headphones Advantages of Earbuds You might be one of those PC gamers who are debating whether you should get a gaming […]