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The importance of accepting fast payments online in 2020 and beyond

With the advent of online payments, we are quickly seeing the disappearance of conventional payment methods in business. There are multiple trends that are proving a challenge to businesses and giving them no choice but to align with faster and more efficient payment methods. This alignment is informed by the demands and continually evolving needs […]

Know the best apps to play online roulette

The business of online roulette is booming like never before and, as a result, there are now more options for gamers than ever before when it comes to choosing an online roulette app to play. These days, online roulette apps are as diverse as they are plentiful, with both Android and iOS systems offering some […]

Is Remote working a big hit or a totally weird form? Check Pros and Cons

Remote work is the talk of the town these days. But when remote workers start to discuss their new working lifestyle, people usually just nod, smile, and wonder what in the world is this person talking about. This is because working from your home and on your own schedule still comes off as a weird […]

Between the Drag Strip and Drift Course – American vs Japanese cars

We ponder on a question as old as time itself if your time started around the midpoint of the last century. We take a look at both American and Japanese Cars and what makes them unique. – Roy Robles American vs Japanese Cars: A straight-to-the-point compare Let’s get one thing straight: more often than not, […]

8 Highly effective image SEO tips you should know

To say that an image is worth a thousand words might be a cliché, but it’s also true. People are more visual than ever before, so it’s extremely important to know how to optimize the images on your site with SEO techniques. Here are some important tips to know for image optimization. 1. Don’t use […]

Zomato Gold users to soon get better deals and free valet parking

Zomato CEO and Founder Deepinder Goyal have introduced new features for its valued Gold members to offer free valet parking to selected users. This is a new strategy by the company to offer overall better deals than its competitors like Uber Eats and Swiggy. Zomato operates in 23 countries including the US, Australia. Deepinder Goyal’s […]

How AI and chatbot is helping to improve patient care

In today’s world of instant gratification, individuals need speedy arrangements and healthcare isn’t an exception. They would prefer not to hold up in long lines outside the center or medical clinic and they need a platform that keeps them updated on their issues. In this way, AI and AI-empowered chatbot for human services are coordinated […]

4 Ways to streamline your B2B purchasing process

Buyers in the B2B industry now have access to quality information through the many digital channels available today. Your sales reps have little time to influence customer decisions.  A Gartner research study found that when considering a purchase, B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with the suppliers. When comparing multiple suppliers, they […]

A beginner’s guide to building a strong brand on social media

Perceptually positioning a brand in the consumer’s mind is a rather hefty task. A negative perception of the brand will lower the sales of the products and services and eventually lose potential and targeted customers. A positive one can change the buying behavior of the individual and make him or her a loyal customer. Hence, […]

How you can continue to sharpen your rummy skills with Junglee Rummy

Gaming has come a long way. Today gaming is synonymous with online gaming, and in a country like India, it has become a rage. Easy access to games has been a game-changer, leading to a quick rise in the number of gaming platforms that offer a range of entertainment options including the traditionally popular card […]

Torii vs. Cleanshelf: How these SaaS management platforms stack up

As software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps are increasingly being adopted by enterprises, the need for SaaS management platforms is also rising. These days, an enterprise may be paying for hundreds of SaaS licenses with no controls in place. Fortunately, platforms such as Torii and Cleanshelf are stepping up to fill a void that challenges IT, finance and compliance […]

5 Ways gadgets can make your drums sound better

If you’re new to the art of drumming, you’re probably willing to consider anything that could help to disguise the fact that you are indeed beginner.  Drumming is a difficult skill that takes lots of time and practice to hone and master. While the best drummers from as a result of hard work and dedication, […]