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Facebook to discontinue the group stories feature starting September 26

Last December, Facebook added a new feature called Group stories. Adding stories to profiles has become the norm of the day starting with Snapchat and Instagram. WhatsApp followed suit in its footsteps, soon the stories feature which disappears after 24 hours become a part of WhatsApp too. Facebook too had started the same feature on […]

4 Key considerations before selecting an internet bundle for your business

Most organizations highly rely on the internet to make profits. One hour of technical glitch may interfere with the profitability of a business to the extent of causing up to 50 percent of data loss and outages. Most modern firms are pursuing transformation and quality business internet connectivity. Data connectivity is also crucial for customer […]

12 CRM software benefits you’ll regret if left unknown

Without a doubt, digital marketing has changed the ways businesses market themselves for the better. It has done so by completely going away from the model of traditional marketing which has worked for decades. The main model of traditional marketing requires businesses to invest time and money away from their business as a way to […]

Everything you need to know about using VR for your business

VR (virtual reality) seems like something of the future. And, in a way, it is! However, that technology has come a long way over the past couple of years. With the proper equipment, users can experience a realistic 3D simulation. One can even interact with the fabricated environment. VR might seem like a great tool […]

Analysis: The state of sports technology in 2019

Technology in sport is a hot topic these days, thanks largely to the introduction of video assistant referee (VAR) to the Premier League for the 2019/20 season. The use of video technology has already had a big impact on football around the world and caused plenty of debate. However, while VAR is relatively new to […]

How to select the best computer table?

More and more people are working on computers be it on a laptop or a desktop. The doctors are suggesting that it is best to use them while you are sitting on a desk. So, people do have to find computer tables at the best prices if they want to use it. The main question that arises […]

Why your site needs WordPress file integrity scanning?

All the people who have a WordPress site know how hard it is to maintain its files. Leftover database, backup and source code files that developers and plugins leave behind are quite popular. Later on, these unused files are one of the most obvious causes of data breaches.  Now, the questions are: Do you have […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Calendar’s new update leaks

Microsoft has never failed to impress us with its new technologies and innovations. It has done it in the past and is continuing to do so. Microsoft’s unique grid home screen is still preferred by many. Recently, we got a hint that Microsoft had something new on its plate. According to a media report, Microsoft […]

Reasons why businesses should invest in writing services

How do you boost brand awareness? These days, the answer is simple: successful online promotion should do the trick. How do you achieve a successful online promotion? Content is the answer. More content and better content! When you try to promote a business, you’re sharing its message with the target audience. This requires social media […]

How to capture gameplay on your Windows and Mac

As a game lover, you may always wish to record your gameplay to share with others when you are hooked on a brand new game for Windows/Mac. Or you just want to capture a game clip to guide newbies on how to play the game. Then the first thing you need is a screen recorder. […]

6 Best server management tools that’ll guarantee security and stability

Setting up a server is much easier than it used to be. Keeping an eye on performance and maintenance issues, however, can be the difficult part. When you are expanding infrastructure to include multiple servers, it is imperative to get the right server management tools for proper maintenance. Picking the right tools When picking a server management tools, […]

6 Important security measures every small business should take

Small businesses owners have plenty to worry about. They are concerned about finding customers and getting their company off the ground. They also must focus on maintaining their clients and keeping their profits consistent. From handling everything from budgets and employees to paperwork, there seems to be little time for anything else. This is why […]